When does my bus arrive?

Every day we touch by hand some tools related to probability and statistics, even without realizing it. This exhibition gives the opportunity to understand the deep importance of these subjects in our life.

Why the queue we choose at the supermarket is always the slowest one?

How much time does it take to find a particular places in an unknown city just moving randomly around? When does my bus arrive?

These questions are mainly related to two specific topics: waiting times and rare events. Just to give an idea of the importance of these topics, these models can be applied in the forecasts of natural events (like the landslides), in the queue theory (studying both queues at the supermarket and queues in the highway); moreover they can be applied to all the phenomena linked to the brownian motions, for example the behaviour of the stock market. The exhibition present both the theory and the applications, the models and the reality.

The choice of the optimal queue has never been so funny.

The exhibition was realized thanks to the technical sponsorship of Hannspree Italia, partner of Curvilinea per il 2014/2015

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